200 hr Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Spira in West Seattle.

Amazing program whether you are looking to teach or simply deepen your yoga and enrich your life.

All of our teacher trainings are structured to be beneficial and enjoyable for those who wish not to teach. We believe yoga is a path of lifelong learning. Teacher training is a term that we use because we are Yoga Alliance and Washington State Certified Teaching Vocational School and that is the language that they determined for these classes. But that does not mean that these trainings are restricted for teachers only. We welcome everyone who is curious, who enjoys learning, who wishes to understand yoga in a deeper level.

Yoga is not just a workout. Yoga is a philosophy and a meditative art. Thus teacher training should be about enabling students to think, research, and understand. Spira does not believe in teaching script memorization and set-sequences. A teacher should understand technique and methodology and construct his or her classes in a way that is safe and creative in mind and body and appropriate for the students who are in class. A well-rounded teacher has a strong grip of anatomy, mindfulness meditation, philosophy, history and an everlasting passion for connecting with people and learning.

We have sold out for the past five years.

Registration is now open – Sign up now to secure your spot! – Click here to register for 2018-2019

Spira does not believe in applications. This is nine months long journey open to everyone; we can all learn from one and other no matter what is our level of physical capability! If we are to teach the public with many different bodies, we are much better off if our class is diverse! Also yoga is a philosophy, during the nine-months long journey you will find your way. We don’t teach a compressed short course for this very reason. Self Enrichment through Yoga Teacher Training is for everyone. All I need from you is your commitment.

If you have any questions contact dora@spirapoweryoga.com

Our training exceeds 200 hours to allow people a bit of flexibility. Our curriculum is nine months long; it is not realistic to demand perfect attendance since occasional flu or family situation does not discriminate between regular time and yoga teacher training time.

You can miss three days or one-weekend block and still have enough hours for the certificate.

I always send out review notes and homework assignments via email. I am also available for my students for a quick catch up with a cup of tea.

Sept. 2018  – April 2019 school year dates are the following:

  1. Sept 14th-16th 2018
  2. Oct 12th-14th
  3. October 26th-28th
  4. November 16th-18th
  5. December 7th-9th
  6. January 2019 25th-27th
  7. 40 Days of Introspection Workshop is part of Teacher Training! Jan. 4-Feb. 14 2019 (meeting Fridays only at 7:30pm)
  8. February 15th-17th
  9. March 15th-17th
  10. April 12th-14th
  11. April 26th-28th 2019 Graduation!

Family and Work Friendly Schedule for Weekend Modules:

Fridays, 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Saturdays, 11:30am – 4:00pm
Sundays, 11:30am – 3:30pm
You will have reading and homework assignments between our meetings.

Dora Gyarmati, EYRT is the owner of Spira Power Yoga Studio and a creator of Spira Philosophy and Teaching Methodology (A 200 hrs YA school). Her European heritage and education in both the sciences and in the humanities created a unique style which blends Eastern and Western theological, literary and scientific traditions.

The training is registered with Yoga Alliance.
Spira Power Yoga is also certified by Washington State as a licensed vocational school.

Schedule made to fit into your busy life.
Teacher Training is not only for those who wish to teach. Take this training to enrich your life and deepen your yoga knowledge.

If you’ve been searching for a 200 hour program that will provide you with both a Western Scientific approach and Eastern Philosophy, look no more! This training will teach you the foundations and history of yoga, anatomy, and how to teach beginners to advanced — not just what is “required” for a quick teaching certificate.

This is an extended course over 9 months meeting for 1, occasionally 2 weekends per month. This structure allows you to read more books, to learn more interesting data from all the traditions (modern science and traditional yoga) and to truly dwell in teaching of yoga and yoga lifestyle. It also provides enough time to practice teaching yoga so that you feel more ready to jump in and actually teach a class by the time of graduation.

This course is also perfect for the practitioner who wishes to deepen their yoga practice, deepen their knowledge about history, philosophy, anatomy and self-awareness. Spira does have a lot of practice teaching during teacher training, but practice teaching can teach you about self-awareness, so you will find it useful whether you are taking the course for self-enrichment or as teacher training. We also have a lot of lectures and book discussions.

Spira’s Teacher Training structure is perfect for the working adult with a family since the meeting times allow you to work around your busy schedule. There is no need to put your life on hold. Meetings are Friday night, Saturday and Sunday once, occasionally twice a month for 9 months.

The training also includes Dora’s 40 Days of Introspection in January 2017.(This means an additional Friday meeting for 7 Fridays for the duration of 40 days for more info on 40days click on 40 Days tab under Teacher Training on this website. Email info@spirapoweryoga if you have any additional questions.)

Spira offers a deep curriculum that goes beyond what is required by Yoga Alliance. You will read 7 books over the 8 months and you will listen to lectures by the following amazing guest teacher:

  • Dora Gyarmati – Lead Teacher EYRT – creator of Spira methodology
    Des Wood PhD in nursing – Anatomy lectures
    Carina Terra 500 ERYT – visiting lecturer, Ayurveda and Energy Sequencing
    Brenda Schornak -RYT – Assisting teacher throughout the 200 hour lecture

Spira-Yoga-Studio-5-photoDora will be present throughout all the hours. She is the lead teacher, lecturer and the creator of the curriculum. She will help you through the practice teaching exercises. She believes in upholding the highest standards for quality of education but she also wishes to provide a loving family environment. She will be there for you if you need help throughout the year. She also has her two dogs with her at all times, Panni (a standard poodle) and Albert (a maltipu) is ever present in the studio during the trainings. Students often find their presence calming and centering.

What will you learn during Spira’s teacher training?

You will learn the history of yoga and be well rounded in classical yogic texts. You will dive into anatomy, nutrition, self-care including making time for your own practice. We will discuss students’ different learning styles, different teaching styles, hands on assisting, the business of yoga and more. You will study sequencing and safe and healthy choreography of asanas. You will learn the art of mediation, it’s historical roots and how it developed into a modern mindfulness practice. Your trainers will artfully overlay ancient yoga teachings and embed them into modern science.

We want to make sure that you will feel comfortable teaching at any level; from total beginners starting yoga later in life to advance yogis and flexible gymnasts in their twenties.

At Spira we teach from a deep understanding of anatomy. We keep our classes very much rooted in Western traditions utilizing mindfulness techniques.  You will learn how to teach yoga without preaching a particular spirituality.
Completing Teacher Training at Spira will allow you to inspire people from gyms to yoga festivals.  The training is also open to folks who simply wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of yoga and gain a better understanding of their own practice.
Here is a list of some of the topics that Spira’s Teacher Training/Self Enrichment covers over the 9 months:

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Last four years this training has sold out! Make sure to pre-register. This is a unique teaching curriculum that you will not find in other studios.

spira power yoga teacher training 2014Program cost:

$500 non-refundable deposit  to secure your space (100% of the deposit is applied toward your tuition)

$3,200 early registration discount before August 1, 2018 (full cost including deposit)

$3,500 after August 1, 2018  (full cost including deposit)

Final payments are due September 15, 2018. Spira is happy to help with a payment plan. Please inquire at the front desk. You must start payment plans early enough to complete all payment by September 2018!

 Click here to register for 2018-2019 

*The program cost includes: the book for 40 days (The Happiness Hypothesis), training materials and hand outs, 40 Days of Introspection (January 2018).
*You  will be responsible for purchasing or reading following books below  from the library:

(List is subject to change. I strive to bring in new books and interesting articles every year. I am, much like our yoga practice is a work in progress. As I grow as a teacher, so does my reading list change. I will be telling you every meeting what books to purchase and read next.  You do not have to worry about this list before our first meeting, but it is exciting to know a little bit about it!- Dora)

The Key Poses of   Yoga – Ray Long MD FRCSC
The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar
The Wheels of  Life – A user’s guide to the chakra system by Anodea Judith
Yoga Body The origins of modern posture practice  by Mark Singleton -optional during 200 hours
Teaching Yoga –  by Mark Stephens
Awareness– The Perils and Opportunities of Reality by Anthony de Mello
Siddhartha  by Hermann Hesse
Ashtanga Yoga Practice  and Philosophy by Gregor Maehle – optional during 200 hours
Morphic Resonance – Rupert Sheldrake – optional – read if you are interested post 200 hours
Choosing Reality – A  Buddhist  View of Physics and the Mind by B. Alan Wallace – optional, read if you are interested after 200hours
The Key Muscles  of Hatha Yoga – Ray Long MD FRCSC –  optional during 200 hours
The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. – optional read post 200 hours for 500 hours

If you have any questions, please contact info@spirapoweryoga.com .

Spira Power Yoga  does not discriminate against students or potential students on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability. Our refund policy is in  compliance with WAC 490-105-130.

Spira Power Yoga is owned by Dora Gyarmati, upon enrollment you will receive our full catalog of rules and regulations as well as your rights as stated by Washington State. For further info. please email: info@spirapoweryoga.com