It’s official – Spira Power Yoga is a Trademark

Yes indeed, it is official, Spira Power Yoga®, as well as M3B, ® are Registered Trademarks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You ask: Why did I Trademark my brand? Ironically, my decision was made as I watched the yoga industry becoming more corporate and variable in quality. Under the term “yoga” one can mean a number of things. I trademarked to set myself apart from the rapid emergence of mediocre corporate yoga. The “straw that broke the camel’s back”, or as we say in Hungary, the “thing that spilled the bedpan…” bedpan has a funny, cute sounding name on Hungarian, anyway I ramble, the event that pushed me into motion was a conversation with a stranger on a flight to Los Angeles a few years back.

As I sat down hoping for a silent ride, I found myself seated next to a friendly, though somewhat overbearing chatterbox.

His first question was your typical American opening line: “What do you do?” I replied, “I teach yoga.”

This simple answer lead to three hours of conversation that started with his reply back to me: “Oh so you are really flexible like those girls on Instagram and can put your leg behind your head?!” I tried not to roll my eyes in an obvious way as I briefly answered, “That’s not yoga, that is contortionism.” So off we went, instead of a silent three hours with my book, I had a lively conversation with a stranger about mindfulness, and balancing flexibility with strength, working within a healthy range of motion and so on.

By the time I landed, I had realized that my understanding of yoga was unique. Over the years of teaching, I created movement based on the most current safe techniques and ideas in physiology and anatomy, a blend of ancient Eastern and Western philosophy, and modern cognitive therapy. Spira Power Yoga became different from yoga elsewhere. You would think I would have figured it out sooner. So many of you since Spira opened come back from vacation, and say; “I just cannot find another studio like Spira.”

It took me a while to believe and realize that what we created at Spira Power Yoga is different in quality and technique. You can read more about the M3B® method that underlies Spira Power Yoga®’s teaching methodology in this link.

So where do I go from here? I see a book in my future, a book on Spira’s method of yoga written for yoga teachers as well for practitioners as self-help.

I do not know if I ever see a physical expansion. Seattle is so expensive currently that it is simply prohibitive to think of signing a new lease. I love to teach. I am good at running a business, but I will never sacrifice the quality of my teaching to make more money. I love my West Seattle community, and I hope to keep providing you with many many more years of Spira Power Yoga®!

Thank you for giving me the gift of teaching.

Peace be with you,


Dora Gyarmati – owner, director, educator, and writer