New Students

New students and beginners are welcome to any yoga classes.

Pre-registration is not required. No need to call in advance. Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the registration form, pay for class and get changed. You may download the registration form to fill out ahead of time and then bring it with you to make your registration easier.

You also have the option to pre-register online to save time. If you register online in advance, you should still arrive at least 10 minutes early to get changed, get acquainted with the studio and instructor, and prepare for class.

If you are under 18, you will need permission from a parent to attend class. Please download the registration form and have it signed by a parent prior to coming to your first class.

If you are brand new to yoga and don’t feel like jumping into an all levels class with two feet, we recommend taking our Intro to Yoga Series. See our class descriptions page for more details.


INTRO to Yoga Series – a 4-class course
Thursdays, 7:15pm

(not required, just  recommended if you are new to yoga)

This 4-class series provides you with the tools you need to be safe and have fun in your yoga practice.  You can come to this class with any of our class passes or memberships Intro series is a 4 class course that meets every Thursday at 7:15pm for one month.  Just like a university class course in mathematics, every class builds on the knowledge of the  previous class. Thus unless you have studied flow yoga before, it could be confusing to start in the middle of the course work. We break down the sequence and philosophy step by step so that you not only understand the basics of yoga, but you also understand the reasoning for the practice and how to modify it for your body. This class is a powerful mind and body workout. We recommend this class for individuals who are new to yoga and for those new to the studio without prior Power Flow Yoga exposure. This series can be repeated many times to build strength and stamina.

Intro-to-Yoga-West-SeattleThis is a quote from Brenda Schornak a teacher at Spira Power Yoga, she took the intro series  a few years ago…
”Part of my life commitment to change when I moved to Seattle was to begin yoga – not being a fan of exercise, and needing to seriously quit smoking, one month after landing in Seattle I decided to take an Intro Series into Yoga.

I remember several years back, I heard a comment about how it takes twenty-one days to create a new habit, or eliminate a bad one.  In theory anyway – I had yet to put the theory to any serious test.  Then came my moment –

I found this Intro series that was taught by Dora, and I thought– okay– there is my twenty-one days. I can commit to anything for  one month! Feeling completely invigorated even though it was difficult, I left wanting more and feeling excited about what I might learn next as well as what I could physically accomplish.  Not wanting to fall back into old habits, I completed it a second time!  The series gave me the confidence to feel comfortable to take my practice to the next level, and then the yoga takes over.
Somehow transforming you, one month shy of 3 years and not only am I stronger physically; I’m stronger mentally and emotionally.  Make the commitment!  You can do anything for a month !”