A chance to help a neighbor business

We often say; ‘it takes a village,’ when it comes to raising a family. I say, ‘It takes a village to live and die.’ We are not lone soldiers on this Earth. We need one and other.

Last week when I went to get my usual weekly pho next door to Spira at New Leaf Bistro, Shi Qui, the owner greeted me with tearful eyes. Her husband just passed away at age 55 from an aggressive cancer. I asked her how I could help. I knew she had two kids and she was working the exact hours that I have been, from early morning till late at night, every day. As a small business owner, I knew she would need help. Fortunately, West Seattle is an amazing community and one of her client’s Suzanne already offered to help by getting a GoFundMe page ready for her.

It takes a village to live in this universe. You can support Shi Qui by eating copious amounts of pho at New Leaf Bistro, (which I highly recommend because they make a very good broth) or by following this link you can provide a donation to help her bridge this tough time!

Thank you, Dora

Click here to read the West Seattle Blog that has an article on the sad event and a link to a GoFundMe page.