Reflections from the Mat

Mindful inspirations for healthy habits in the new year

This got to be the most uncomfortable that I have ever felt posting a blog. I cringe every time I look over at the images. Well, sucks, it is out there… This short blog will target three topics. Three topics that are important as we head into the new year and everyone gets the usual […]

Fortuna – the fickle Goddess of luck!

Don’t ask me why, but I was looking through an old box and found this photo of myself. The year is 1992-93, I was 16 years or so, during a lovely trip in Rome. Nothing like gazing at yourself unexpected from a 25-year distance. I would never have thought that I end up as a […]

From Nichole to you – Gratitude through Healing

Some of you asked for an update on Nichole. One of Spira’s regular practitioner had a bad accident, and we have been raising funds for her to help with recovery. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Nichole’s recovery. Because of you, we are only $3000 away from our goal. Nichole is doing much better! Her surgeries […]

Love of Truth and Oscar Wilde

My love of Truth and Oscar Wilde by Dora Gyarmati “The Importance of being Earnest” –Satya with Ahimsa – Truth can be a painful business. “It is very painful for me to be forced to speak the truth. It is the first time in my life that I have ever been reduced to such a painful position, […]

F***the Haters!

My name is Dora; I am a business owner, a teacher, an IMMIGRANT, a naturalized citizen, I contribute to the economy and the well-being of this country. I never was late to pay my taxes or my credit card. I have no criminal record; I don’t even break the speed limit; something that drives my […]

There is no show – reflections on life and yoga by Amy

The essay you are about to read was written by Amy, one of Spira’s amazing teachers. The beauty of her writing, the rhythmic undulations of her thoughts completely  engulfed me, she is truly beauty and yoga inside and outside! Amy teaches mostly morning classes at Spira, she also has a lovely pilates studio that keeps her very […]

How 200 hours changed my life

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Spira Power Yoga is great whether you want to teach or simply wish to deepen your yoga, and Enrich your life with new perspective and inner peace! Make no mistake, Spira’s teacher training is great for folks who DON’T want to teach. But that message often gets lost ever since Yoga Alliance started […]

Happy Father’s Day, celebration of the imperfectly perfect family.

Happy Father’s Day The words on the calendar bring the most mixed emotions to my heart, but despite the turmoil of emotions, I am grateful. On social media, we tend to highlight the Hallmark moments of our life; the perfect smiles, the wholesome family, the happy moments. Leo Tolstoy opens Anna Karenina with my favorite line […]

It’s official – Spira Power Yoga is a Trademark

Yes indeed, it is official, Spira Power Yoga®, as well as M3B, ® are Registered Trademarks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You ask: Why did I Trademark my brand? Ironically, my decision was made as I watched the yoga industry becoming more corporate and variable in quality. Under the term “yoga” one […]