Spira Power Yoga is a beautiful new yoga studio located in West Seattle. We have a state of the art heating system to make the practice space an ideal 90° F. The flooring is a soft, biodegradable, antimicrobial vinyl with a 7mm foam underlayment for your joint comfort.


We have  two restrooms and a comfortable changing area with cubbies for your convenience. We have one shower, not luxurious but gets the job done.  Free tea will be offered for sipping at the end of class. A beautiful lounge area is available for you to relax in, linger after class and read, or catch up with good friends.

We take pride in our cleanliness. What do you get when the owner of a yoga studio used to work in a biology laboratory? An obsessively clean studio! We do our best to protect the environment. We offer single use cloth towels in the bathrooms to cut down paper waste. We don’t sell bottled water, but offer a drinking station to cut plastic waste. But we believe in the power of bleach. Green biodegradable cleaners are great for your home. But when it comes to public bathrooms and yoga studio floor we want to make sure no bacteria survives till the next day. We promise to bleach daily all floors, bathrooms and all doorknobs! We even spot clean the floors between every class with light bleach water, sure it may be little moist when you first step in, but it is clean!!!