FUNdamentals -

This is a basics level class designed to strengthen your body. The instructor may stick to poses that are covered in the Introductory Series or branch out and teach you something new. The pace of the class is typically slower than an All Levels class to provide time to break down a posture or two, and give students the opportunity to ask questions. It’s an ideal class for those who are looking for a bit more of a physical challenge after the Intro Series. For  yogi veterans —  here’s your chance to enjoy the basic flow with the ability to take it to the next level on your own!


All levels class

This accessible, challenging, and flowing form of yoga will sculpt, tone and hone the muscles of your body and your mind. Instructors provide modifications and variations to best serve the needs of all experience levels. Get ready to take your practice seriously, but yourself lightly, as you explore your edge, discover your strength, and awaken your spirit! The yoga studio is heated to a comfortable 88-90 degree.


This is a hi-energy, challenging practice that will give you what you need to get to a new edge. Come with an open mind to play with inversions, arm balances, and advanced variations. A fabulous flow will be utilized to warm up your body and loosen your mind allowing you to let go and play, leaving your fears and worries at the door.


Basic yoga – Yin style

Ready to compliment your yoga practice with a Yin yoga class? Expect passive, long holds in poses that apply moderate stress to connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin Yoga poses are designed to help improve the subtle flow of energy which is believed to improve organ health, immunity and emotional well being. This slow moving class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed without feeling rung out — a great way to end the day! Spira-Yoga-Studio-beginner-photo


INTRO to Yoga Series – not required but recommended if you are new to yoga

This class must be purchased as the 4 Class Intro Series. No drop ins in the middle of the the session. Class meets every Monday at 7:30 and typically starts at the beginning of the month. See the Class Schedule page for starting dates.

This 4-class series provides you with the tools needed for a safe, fun yoga practice. Poses and sequences are taught step by step so that you understand the basics of the poses and how to modify. Each class builds on the knowledge of the previous class, developing your understanding for the sequencing. This class is a powerful mind and body workout. It’s recommended  for individuals who are new to yoga and for those new to the studio without prior Power Flow Yoga exposure. This series can be repeated many times to build strength and stamina. Make the commitment!  You can do anything for a month!



Cardi-Yoga (high energy intermediate fitness level)

This class is a mindful high intensity cardio class. You may pause here and wonder; Cardio and Yoga? Absolutely, traditionally these high burst energy routines, called Kriyas were designed to detoxify the body and clear the mind. They have been practiced by yogis  for many hundreds of years. Spira has designed a class to link these kriyas into intervals. Yes this is yoga’s answer to interval  training. Interval training is built upon alternating short, high intensity bursts of speed with slower, recovery phases throughout a single workout. Our goal is to get your heart pumping and thus improve your cardiovascular health! But it is a mindful workout. We will finish the class with steady mindful meditation and stretching.
Kriyas are perfect way to cleanse the mind for individuals who find it hard to sit still and hold a calm mind. We guarantee you will be blissfully happy sitting still  by the end of class.


This class is meant to restore you, prepare you for a lazy Sunday evening and relax as the weekend comes to and end. In other words — zero power poses and no sweat! You will be led through long, slow stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation. The lights are dimmed and you’re encouraged to move slowly and listen to your body. Great partnered after the All Levels class or drop in and find balance with just this Restorative class.

Yin and Yang Yoga

yin yang 1yin yang 3Yin stands for the receptive principle. Yang stands for the active principle. Yoga means union. Yin and Yang Yoga means the union of receptivity and activity, accepting what is and having intent.


Deep breathing, slow stretching and deep relaxation are combined with core strengthening, long holds, physical conditioning and active moving.


Meditation – Community Class (no cost to participate)

Be present. Clear your mind. Meditation is the process of connecting to our experience moment to moment.  We often lose our connection to the moment to moment experience of our life. When we do the natural beauty of this world is obscured by our thinking mind. We lose touch with the beauty that makes life a joy to live. Meditation is a tool that helps us to be present and clear our mind, allowing us to connect to the beauty that is in us and around us.

Jonathan will guide you through chanting meditation and sitting meditation.