Class Descriptions

With the exception of Restorative and Yin class, all other classes are taught in the power vinyasa yoga style. All classes are held in our West Seattle location. We heat our room to a mild 90F, so we are warm yoga, not hot yoga.

FUNdamentals -

This is a basics level class designed to strengthen your body. The instructor may stick to poses that are covered in the Introductory Series or branch out and teach you something new. The pace of the class is typically slower than an All Levels class to provide time to break down a posture or two, and give students the opportunity to ask questions. It’s an ideal class for those who are looking for a bit more of a physical challenge after the Intro Series. For  yogi veterans —  here’s your chance to enjoy the basic flow with the ability to take it to the next level on your own!


All levels class

This accessible, challenging, and flowing form of yoga will sculpt, tone and hone the muscles of your body and your mind. Instructors provide modifications and variations to best serve the needs of all experience levels. Get ready to take your practice seriously, but yourself lightly, as you explore your edge, discover your strength, and awaken your spirit! The yoga studio is heated to a comfortable 88-90 degree.

T.O.Y. – Technique Oriented Yoga – Let’s play

A class for those who like to learn and try new things. We start with gentle stretches followed by a little vinyasa movement to warm up the body. Then strategically with much attention to technique we explore poses that we don’t have time to teach and break down in our All Levels Classes. This class is suitable for anybody who is willing to try, laugh and stumble with new ideas. You do not have to know how to do these poses, rather the idea is that we learn together, try together, play and laugh together. This class is for intermediate to advanced students, it is not suitable for those who are new to yoga.



Mindful Yoga PUMP – MYP (for fans of brevity)

You’ll be guided through a mindful and powerful yoga flow and BONUS we’ll incorporate the use of dumbbells.

We’ll provide the weights – you provide the sweat.

Why include weights – why not? Here are a few more good reasons to include weights in your overall fitness routine:

  • Increase over all strength and muscle tone
  • Improve core strength
  • Boost flexibility and range of motion
  • Promotes circulation
  • Deepen self & body awareness and grounding
  • Focus on balance and coordination
  • Building bone density


Basic yoga – Yin style

Ready to compliment your yoga practice with a Yin yoga class? Expect passive, long holds in poses that apply moderate stress to connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin Yoga poses are designed to help improve the subtle flow of energy which is believed to improve organ health, immunity and emotional well being. This slow moving class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed without feeling rung out — a great way to end the day! Spira-Yoga-Studio-beginner-photo


INTRO to Yoga Series – not required but recommended if you are new to yoga

Class meets every Monday at 7:30 and typically starts at the beginning of the month.

This 4-class series provides you with the tools needed for a safe, fun yoga practice. Poses and sequences are taught step by step so that you understand the basics of the poses and how to modify. Each class builds on the knowledge of the previous class, developing your understanding for the sequencing. This class is a powerful mind and body workout. It’s recommended  for individuals who are new to yoga and for those new to the studio without prior Power Flow Yoga exposure. This series can be repeated many times to build strength and stamina. Make the commitment!  You can do anything for a month!




This class is meant to restore you, prepare you for a lazy Sunday evening and relax as the weekend comes to and end. In other words — zero power poses and no sweat! You will be led through long, slow stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation. The lights are dimmed and you’re encouraged to move slowly and listen to your body. Great partnered after the All Levels class or drop in and find balance with just this Restorative class.