The Prenatal Yoga Journey at Spira   Recently updated !

The Mindful Mama Desiree Wood is nurse practitioner at the VA Puget sound and has been practicing yoga in the Seattle area for over 13 years. Last year she completed her doctorate degree with a thesis on the use of Mindfulness for stress reduction in critically ill patients and their family members. She is also […]

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A Shout Out for Liberal Education

Driving to work the other day, I heard a segment on NPR on whether a BA in literature was a waste of money. The talk focused on the practicality of a skill-oriented degree and touched on the fact that liberal degrees, though not useful on their own, open the door for future educational goals. Harrumph. […]

Hippocratic Oath re-written for Yoga Healers

I am pleasantly exhausted. This past weekend was the first module of Spira’s 200-Hrs Teacher Training. The first day is always the hardest, brand new students from all walks of life with a thousand different expectations. How do I get them excited for the learning ahead? How do I keep them excited? Over the many […]


You got to reach for your goals!

Calling an end to masculine and feminine labels in yoga

I occasionally hear instruction from yoga teachers to roll either to the left or the right side of the body after savasana to allow blood flow to go either to the linear-analytical-masculine left side of the brain or the creative- feminine right side. I have to be honest, hearing this always makes me cringe. I […]

Reflections on our retreat experience

It seems to me that nowadays we put all of our experiences into images before we had a chance to feel the moment. Selfies and views of our travels often goes public via Istargram and Facebook before we had a chance to live them fully, understand them thoroughly and remember them sweetly. This idea made […]

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

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Age IS in our control – Brenda’s blog

This Blog was written by Brenda. Ignore the side note on the website that it was authored by Dora. Dora just does not know how to make  the change to that fancy coding thingy on the side…but she is working on it…. So…Here is Brenda’s blog: Recently I heard on the news that sixty is […]

Local doesn’t end with broccoli and eggs

We all know the benefits of eating local. It’s better, fresher food. It may be a little more expensive but we’re willing to pay the extra because we understand the importance of supporting local agriculture and jobs. And we know local doesn’t end with broccoli and eggs. Our city is full of small businesses that […]


Spira Power Yoga

Measuring ourselves to death….

I awaken to my alarm, hear the rain on the roof, and slowly open my eyes. Rolling out of bed, I navigate the hallway toward the kitchen (and coffee!) and do my usual morning dance with Panni, my standard poodle–the one where we trip over each other until I surrender and give him his well-deserved […]

Spira is now certified by Washington State as a Vocational School!

After many months of working with Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, I am happy to announce that Spira Power Yoga is now a certified Private Vocational School! What does this mean? After looking through our finances, curriculum, teachers’ backgrounds and physical location, the state has determined that we are a reputable school, […]

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