A call for peace, celebrating diversity.   Recently updated !

When I set out to open a neighborhood yoga studio, I had a vision of creating a community where folks came not only to work out and get fit, but they came to re-charge their spirit, meet with existing friends and find new friends. I am happy to say my vision came true. Spira is […]

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Spira Power Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2014-2015

Why take Teacher Training at Spira – Student’s Feedback   Recently updated !

Teaching 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training and/or Self Enrichment is more than a job for me. It is my life calling. There is something very intimate about connecting to students over 9 months of time. I not only teach yoga philosophy, anatomy, asanas, chakras and so forth, but I also teach self-awareness and a way […]

Restorative Yoga as an Antidote to Chronic Stress

This blog is written by Carina Terra 500HR EYRT, teacher at Spira Power Yoga. ————————————————- In this fast-paced world, we are continually being bombarded by so much information and filling our time with so many activities that it becomes very challenging to witness each passing moment and to see things clearly. As a result, we […]

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What is restorative yoga and why practice it.

This blog was written by Carina Terra – yoga teacher at Spira Power Yoga ——————————————————————————– The general trend in modern-day yoga is toward more athletic styles. These dynamic styles are a very powerful antidote against the harmful effects of living a sedentary life. Personally, I can’t imagine my life without Vinyasa. Both my body and […]

Why I chose Spira to get my Yoga Teacher Certification

This blog is written by Jenna Buckley. She graduated Spira’s teacher training in 2015. —————— I’m one of those people that think about doing something and then I sit on the idea for quite some time and in this case, a couple years. I knew I loved practicing yoga with all my being but would […]

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Providing quality social media.

Maybe going against the grain is in my genes, in my blood. My parents fought for a more just system, a more open and democratic system all their lives back in Hungary. I remember going out to the peaceful demonstrations that preceded the fall of the Berlin Wall. My university years in San Diego back in […]

Reflections on Gratitude Ceremony

Reflections on Gratitude Ceremony I have always felt that posting a message right after a deeply emotional experience somehow cheapens the taste of the memory. I rather sit and savor the connections that I have made with people, the knowledge I gained through a wonderful book and the precious moments of ‘awe’ spent together that […]

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Sarah Spira Yoga Yin

The need to untangle…yin

This blog has been written by Sarah Steinke. Sarah teaches amazing Spira Power and Yin classes at Spira Power Yoga. She is also a published author of poetry, a mother of three and an amazing friend and confidant… I am blessed by her presence in my life. – Dora ————– A few years back I […]

What do happiness etiquette and yoga have in common?

What do happiness etiquette and yoga have in common? I asked this question on our Facebook page a while ago and I got many likes but no answers. I also asked the question: Are you are more motivated to do yoga in the studio or at home? Now this got you guys answering. Most answers […]

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Confessions of an anxious yoga teacher…

A lot of things make me anxious… Some of us have more anxiety than others, I have to admit, I had to learn how to handle anxiety. It was just the luck of the draw, somehow genetics and circumstances shaped me to be a bit more on edge. If you don’t know this about me you […]