This one is for you Lady Gaga…

I am sharing this post because I feel that I represent the fitness industry and healthy living. It is my responsibility to represent a healthy self-image and self-love. Often happiness, perfection, and fitness are symbolized with a flat tummy and six-pack. I am a fan of a fit body, but I just about had it with […]

The healing practice of yoga

I love to hear from my students on how yoga helps in their everyday lives. I received two beautiful blogs from Des. Des has been a Spira practitioner since I opened, she is also a visiting lecturer on the topics of anatomy and physiology for Spira’s Teacher Trainings.  I am publishing part one now for […]

Mittens for Some, Faith for Others, Happy New Year to All!

David Bowie, Gwen Ifill, Glenn Frey, Prince, Merle Haggard and Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro, John Glenn, George Michael, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Nancy Reagan, Carrie Fisher, Gene Wilder, Florance Handerson, Alan Thicke, Harper Lee, Doris Roberts, Arnold Palmer, Morley Safer, Edward Albee, Richard Adams…. to name just a few who passed away; 2016 has […]

Gratitude through car accidents – Happy Thanksgiving

  Dear Students, My dear friend Jenna wrote this year’s Thanksgiving Blog. She is among many things a Spira yogi, Spira’s social media guru and a graduate of Spira’s Teacher Training and your future teacher when she is ready for the task. Jenna not only supports me with Social Media, but she is my sounding […]

Healing our World – Part II

The way you practice yoga, think and speak can heal our world. Listen now A few weeks ago, in part one of Healing Our World blog series, I explained how yoga is not a self-centered practice. (Here is a link to that blog in case you missed it) The goal of yoga is to discover the inter-relatedness of […]

What is Yin Yoga and why should you practice it?

  The following blog is written by Carina Terra E-YRT. She teaches at Spira Power Yoga and leads the Yin Yoga Teacher Training here in West Seattle at Spira Power Yoga. Listen now Most forms of yoga today are very dynamic, active practices that are designed to work muscle and muscle tendon primarily (i.e. the […]

You are lucky! Happy 4th of July

Listen now As a naturalized citizen to the United States, 4th of July carries a special meaning to me. I am not blinded by romantic patriotism that can be seen in commercials, but I am also not jaded by our troubles. I say this all the time, and I will say now; the United States […]

The power of language

As some of you know, a few weeks back I went to visit Hungary, the country where I was born and raised. I have wanted to write about this trip and my experiences as they relate to yoga and mindfulness. But so far the emotional intensity of the trip has left me numb. I am […]