Local doesn’t end with broccoli and eggs   Recently updated !

We all know the benefits of eating local. It’s better, fresher food. It may be a little more expensive but we’re willing to pay the extra because we understand the importance of supporting local agriculture and jobs. And we know local doesn’t end with broccoli and eggs. Our city is full of small businesses that […]


Spira Power Yoga

Measuring ourselves to death….

I awaken to my alarm, hear the rain on the roof, and slowly open my eyes. Rolling out of bed, I navigate the hallway toward the kitchen (and coffee!) and do my usual morning dance with Panni, my standard poodle–the one where we trip over each other until I surrender and give him his well-deserved […]

Spira is now certified by Washington State as a Vocational School!

After many months of working with Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, I am happy to announce that Spira Power Yoga is now a certified Private Vocational School! What does this mean? After looking through our finances, curriculum, teachers’ backgrounds and physical location, the state has determined that we are a reputable school, […]

Spira Power Yoga Teacher Training West Seattle

Maybe money does not run the universe…or maybe it is a fluke :-)

When I opened Spira I wanted to teach good quality yoga in a neighborhood setting. I wanted to be like “Cheers” the 1980’s show, “The bar where everybody knows your name.”  I wanted to work in an environment where human  connections are more important than the bottom line and where customers feel heard and supported. I also knew […]



Happy Halloween 2014

It took me a long time to get into the spirit of Halloween. In my home country Halloween corresponds to Day of the Dead. We take flowers to our loved ones in the cemetery. My grandma use to spend half a day attending my grandpa’s tomb on this day. I still feel awkward when I […]

Importance of preserving culture but not identity

The philosophy of yoga is very much occupied with finding “true self”, but what that means can be quite tricky to figure out. We are changing and the world around us is certainly changing whether or not we wish for a change. The story you are about to read is a day in a yogi’s […]



In loving memory…

I was driving home when I got the call. All I could hear is “terrible” “accident” “dead”.  It took me a whole day to put some kind of cohesion between those words. “What is going on?”  – My mind kept reviewing a list of names. Names of friends, some very close, some not so close […]