At Spira we like to nurture the body, mind and soul.

Dora Gyarmati (the owner of Spira) has degrees in both the arts and the sciences  and she firmly believes  that one needs to keep both alive and active for a healthy and well rounded life.Though Dora choose to keep the yoga studio minimalist in design, she has reached out to her Mom (Katalin Radics) for art pieces to decorate the reception area. When Dora requested paintings from her  mom she  just gave her colors, Katalin came up with the rest. There is landscape, abstract oil with print collage and three dimensional sculpture  paintings. All  so different but the color theme somehow makes them work together.

Currently for the month of July we have Katalin Radics’s artwork exhibited. Come on by  the studio, maybe take a class  with us then go home with a beautiful new art-work for your home. Katalin has painted some landscapes and colorful abstracts for retail.

Biography of Katalin Radics:
On a sunny November afternoon in 2006, we had coffee in the campus cafeteria of UCLA.  My friend started talking about the drawing class she took at the Los Angeles County Museum, and turned to me: would you want to join me?   I did.  This was the beginning of a new passion I developed.  I took a number of drawing and painting classes since then, first in LACMA and later as part of the arts program of the Los Angeles Valley College; one class at a time, since I have had a full time job at the Research Library of UCLA.
I bring a series of cultures into my artistic works.  I was born in Hungary and spent more than four decades of my life there.  Bartók, Liszt, Vasarely, Moholy-Nagy, Pál Erdős, the Rubik cube, George Cukor – this is the first layer of my culture.  I was fortunate to spend enough time in France, Austria, Italy, and Germany and study their culture.  I experienced the best of European culture and feel as mine. My husband and I made a wild but wonderful decision to move into the US in 1990 together with our daughter, Dora. We immersed ourselves in American culture and found it fascinating.
I am a linguist by training, have a PhD in linguistics, and did research in this field.  Retrained myself to become a bibliographer at the Research Library of UCLA.  Drawing and painting became my hobby, escape, and pleasure.  Painting is a successful and tasteful integration of colors and shapes.  I don’t try to follow trends; paint abstract, figurative, collage – whatever I find appropriate to the topic I want to express.

I could not be more proud that Dora chose to decorate her beautiful new Yoga Studio with my artwork.  This is the highest recognition for me.


NEW! Conor is not only a yogi at Spira he is also an amazing artist! Check out his works now at Spira!

Conor Musgrave is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington specializing in Abstract, Urban, Landscape Photography, Portraits and Fine Art Prints. 

I began photography in earnest in early 2012 (This happened to coincide with starting yoga…) Taking photos had never been a struggle for me; I love trying to capture the beauty in a spontaneous moment. The fear of sharing them with the rest of the world was a struggle so I decided, every day for a consecutive 365 days, I would contribute something new. I started working initially with just my iPhone. I progressed in my photography and shifted to my first DSLR. Now 2 years later it has become a significant focus in my life and I hope to continue to share my adventures and the moments I encounter with the rest of the world. 

Spira Yoga has become one of my favorite places in Seattle and I’m excited to get to show my work here! Yoga has helped provide the creative clarity and confidence I’ve needed to get over my lingering perfectionism and it has given me the extra boost I’ve needed when I’ve lacked the motivation to keep this adventure going. 

Thank you to everyone who has attended the same classes I have and helped create that sense of community that makes Spira such a unique place. Right now, my goal  is to get my work out there and up on the walls of people who enjoy it. I am always looking for great new places to display my photos or new photo projects so if you have any tips, shoot me an e-mail! 

If you are interested in ordering a print, email or visit to select the photos you like best.