Spira is a Latin word meaning breath. Spira Power Yoga is a unique blend of Western and Eastern traditions. We bring you health and happiness through: Fitness, Tradition, Science and Joyful community.

Spira Power Yoga studio is located in the heart of the Admiral District of West Seattle. Spira is owned by Dora Gyarmati, her European heritage and scientific background created a unique style. Spira’s Motto is: Everything in balance and moderation. The key to health is an active life, where we can minimize stress and maximize joy. Spira Power Yoga teaches an athletic yoga style, but laughter and compassion are muscles that we use during practice.

Often, we are much too hard on our own bodies and we judge our capabilities by what we see others doing or achieving. Our minds can be our worst enemy. Our goal at Spira Power Yoga is not only to get you into a healthy body, but also to strengthen your body and mind with joy, compassion, and peace!

We take our physical postures from the Ashtanga yoga tradition, where the poses are not held for long periods of time. We flow from pose to pose, pausing yes, but for only 5 breaths. It is a rigorous athletic practice that includes breath and mind awareness.  We think you’ll get hooked on our community, and you may leave you gym membership once you find out how strong Spira Power Yoga can make you feel!


Spira Power Yoga’s unique blends of traditions creates a unique yoga community.  We take our yoga seriously but you may find lot of chatter and laughter in between classes. We occasionally have socials with snacks and wine.  Our yoga retreats have amazing yoga, as well as delicious food and fun activities such as hiking and outdoor cooking. Yes, we do have our serious moments when we meditate, practice yoga and learn about a balanced nutrition. But self reflective work has to be balanced with a supportive community and joy in our life. Remember our Motto; “Everything in balance and moderation!”

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of yoga instructors! They can help you with adjustments, guide you to deeper movement and keep you safe as you push yourself to get stronger. Yes, you will get in shape, but thanks to our amazing teachers you will get fit while laughing and finding new friends. Join us for a yoga class and see how Spira’s unique style can make a difference not just in your body but in your life.